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Festitent - Comfort Camping

1, 2 or 4 persons pre-setup tent


Price per person
(excl. ticket)

Package information

  • 3 days Festival and 5 days Camping ticket(s)
  • A spot on the Comfort Camping from Wednesday until Sunday 
  • Pre-setup tent with air mattress and solar light
  • Tent size depending on the number of persons, there will be enough space for your luggage
  • Exclusive pre-party on Wednesday
  • 1 Parking ticket for the Comfort Camping parking
  • Available with or without ticket, upgrade to VIP ticket possible

Package extras

  • Upgrade to VIP tickets
  • Breakfast 
  • Sleeping bag

Accommodation information

Nürburgring Boulevard 1, 53520 Nürburg, Deutschland
Distance to venue 1.5km Show on map

The pre-setup Festitent is a spacious tent with an air mattress, a light, clothing hooks, storage compartments and a separate front tent with groundsheet. The front tent is separated from the sleeping compartment. 

  • Festitent 1 person is a  tent with a sleeping compartment of 200 by 150 cm and a separate front tent.
  • Festitent 2 persons is a tent with a sleeping compartment of 230 by 160 cm, height 140 cm. The front side is equipped with a separate luggage tent of 160 by 115 cm.
  • Festitent 4 persons is a tent equipped with two separate sleeping compartments of 230 by 180 cm. Between both bedrooms, there is a central baggage and living area of 160 by 230 cm. The living area is high enough to stand up straight.

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